Through his own eyes

Some artists complain that they did not have a childhood. Michael, on the contrary, had only one continuous childhood and was utterly deprived from all other stages of life. The originally produced and copyrighted Michael-Child was watching in amusement how the surrounding body was growing up, getting bigger, fatter, grayer, thinner, again fatter, again thinner and at this point he is at 156 pounds and 300 years old. Michael-Child never worked even one hour in his entire life. Instead he was doing what he really loved and people would bring him eggs, apples, live stock, and sometimes money.

Early childhood:
The minute Michael-Child was born he knew he was destined to be an artist. Some people thought that it was a little too early for one-hour-old to embark on artistic career, but at that point of life Michael-Child did not think so. Early on he was often misunderstood by people, including his parents, who would not take kindly to spilling food and coloring walls as an artistic expression. Obviously they were wrong and should have saved the precious early works. Can one imagine Leonardo’s early scribbles at the age of one? What would it bring at Sotheby’s today? Then it was music, drawing and brief ballet studies at Bolshoi Theater Ballet School (got a part in French movie “Journey to the Bolshoi Ballet” and almost got a part in the Tarkovsky’s film “Violin and Steamroller”). He became disillusioned by communist ideology after being hit by a car at the Red Square in front of Lenin’s Mausoleum.

Young adult childhood:
Love of his life (his wife). Music. Gaining weight. No drawing. No composing.

Adult childhood:
Love of his life (still his wife). Some children. Music. Gaining weight. No drawing.
No composing.

Middle age childhood:
Love of his life (still his wife). Some adult-size children. Music. Gaining more weight.
No drawing. No composing.

Here-and-Now childhood:
Love of his life (still his wife). Adult children. Granddaughter! Painting and Drawing, Composing, and writing.

Future plans:
to brief in and out